Wilma Wonders (Bath Buddies)

The Wilma Wonders Bath Buddie teaches children age 0-3 about language skills in a playful manner.



Kirsten Pabol Hansen

Šifra proizvoda: 9788742551790

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Bath Buddies make great companions for children while they are in the bath. The daily ritual becomes more fun and less stressful when the child can play and learn while they bathe. Each title in the Bath Buddies series is part of the GLOBE•LearningCircleTM and focuses on a specific skill. As a series the books help young children to recognise and name everyday things and situations. This supports their early language development and their ability to question and understand their world.

  • A bath figure of the main character in the book encourages role-play
  • The foam pieces stick to the sides of the bathtub or shower walls
  • The net can be used for storage
  • Stimulates creativity, motor skills, vocabulary, and hand-eye coordination

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Kirsten Pabol Hansen

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