Through The Looking Glass

7-9 years

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Through the Looking-Glass is a sequel to Alice in the Wonderland where Alice, by climbing through a mirror, enters in another fantastical world that she can see beyond. Read the story to know about the various adventures Alice went through in the Looking-glass world. Titles in the series under this age group: Alice in the Wonderland Rip Van Winkle Tales by Beatrix Potter……and more This set of graded Readers for young readers is a collection of best-loved stories from English literature. The stories have been abridged and carefully adapted to suit different age group. The books have been graded for different levels and they facilitate the readers to progress through successive grades of vocabulary and structure. In this book About the Author provides an interesting introduction to the author and the author’s works. Comprehension and Composition questions help readers better understand what they are reading, and also prompt them to improve their writing skills. Grammar and vocabulary help to add to the vocabulary of the readers. Life Skills help hone skills required for a better living. Role Skills help to understand the idea by employing bodily kinesthetic intelligence. ICT helps develop creative skills.

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