The Source – Necroscope Book 3



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Harry Keogh discovers that Soviet scientists have accidentally opened a portal to our collective worst nightmares beside which the lethal terror of Chernobyl is a mere bad dream. Now the horror from the source of all Dark Legends is set to invade the world of the living.

The Ural mountains hide a deadly secret: a supernatural portal. Soviet scientists and ESP-powered spies study the portal from their secret military base – and the evil creatures emerging from it intent on ravaging the living.

When Jazz Simmons, a British agent sent to infiltrate the base, is captured by the KGB and forced through the portal, his last message tells Harry Keogh, Necroscope, that the vampires are preparing for a mass invasion.

Harry has only one option: to strike first. He must carry the human–vampire war to the vampires’ own lands. But his strongest psychic power will be useless there – what good is the power to summon the dead in a country where nothing ever dies, where every man, woman and child becomes a half-dead servant to the Vamphyri?

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