Mini Babybel: The Best Recipes

Autor: Jean-François Mallet


Jean-François Mallet

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Babybel is the famous round cheese, coated in red wax, loved by millions. This fun little book – shaped just like a Mini Babybel – takes this classic lunch-box staple and transforms it in inventive ways, giving it a starring role in 25 original, flavour-packed recipes. Younger members of the family will love Babybel fondue, while such dishes as Oven-baked pears with Babybel and hazelnuts and Rolled pork stuffed with Babybel and chorizo offer tempting new ideas for appetizers and main courses that the whole family will love. Every recipe is easy to follow and accompanied by a colour photograph. Babybel is an ideal giftbook that no lover of cheese will be able to resist.

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Jean-François Mallet