Insight Elementary – Teacher’s book

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Closely matches the Student’s Book layout with one each page corresponding to a spread in the Student’s Book Contains grammar, vocabulary and skills activities which practice and reinforce language covered in the Student’s Book Listening tracks available to download from the Student’s site Workbooks include two five-page Literature insight lessons for each level offering ready-made extra lessons which introduce students to classic pieces of English literature and encourage reading for pleasure Five three-page Exam insight sections in the Workbook prepare students for common exam tasks, practicing the use of English, reading, listening, speaking and writing Exam strategies in the Workbook show students how to deal with typical exam tasks such as multiple choice, true/false, matching headings to paragraphs etc Extra support and practice of the grammar from the Student’s Book in the Grammar reference section which contains comprehensive explanations of key grammar points A unit-by-unit wordlists with dictionary style definitions give students more information about core vocabulary Progress checks after every unit, with self-evaluation feature to encourage students to reflect on and monitor their progress Workbooks are available in a variety of formats, print and online.

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