Convertible Spaceship Board book

Autor: Claire Phillip

Šifra proizvoda: 9781782094975

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This Convertible is a fun storybook that can also be used as a playmat and a sit-in vehicle for toddlers. Once unfolded, read the story which describes an exciting journey through space! Keep your eyes peeled for lots of weird and wonderful details along the way, such as aliens, comets and planets. The bright, busy illustrations are packed with colourful detail to keep a child interested, and the storybook can be played with in a variety of ways to keep children entertained for hours. Parents and children can read the simple story which describes an exciting journey throughout the Solar System. Engaging illustrations by Simon Abbott are packed with lots of little details to keep children interested. Laid on the floor the book can be used as a playmat, with an illustrated route for children to follow with their toys. The boards can be folded into a large, sturdy spaceship that a child can sit in and pretend to fly!

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