My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals

A charming children’s encyclopedia bursting with facts about the animals of the world!

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My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals is a vibrant encyclopedia for curious 5-9 year olds with a unique approach to the subject of animals that takes curious kids on an enjoyable, educational journey of discovery.

Mixing beautiful photography with charming illustrations, it’s the perfect visual language for young readers, and is packed with light-hearted fun, and fascinating facts. Featuring everything from legends and folklore, world history, and creatures from the land, sea, and skies, this series is bursting with all sorts of subjects that early readers will love!

From birds and frogs to sharks and dogs, this book is perfect for the curious little animal lover in your life. Mixing photography and charming illustration, kids will discover important facts about the wonderful world of animals – from what they eat and where they live, to why people are animals too. My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals is a friendly book that gets children learning, reading, and laughing too!

Celebrate your child’s curiosity as they:
– Read fun facts about a variety of different animals
– Learn all about animal behaviour, activity and skills
– Discover a visual reference section packed with wonders of the animal world

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