Inside and Outside the Box

Looking for cool ideas for your classroom/school?  The English Book is
running Saturday workshops in May with lots of ideas using Arts and Crafts,
Sport and classroom games.
  Interested?  Then sign up….

Saturday, 13th of May (maximum 20 participants)

10.00 Best boardgames in the classroom.

Easy ways to trick students into
learning and have them do all the work.

12.00 Tie Dying Fabrics

How to make a mess that no amount of
washing can clean up.

Saturday, 20th of May (maximum 24 participants)

10.00 Envy, A murder mystery escape room.

People are literally dying to get out. Bring your  own antidote!

12.00 Street Hockey

A super competitive and fun sport where we turn players in combatants by arming them and spread lots of nasty rumours about what they think of each other.

Saturday, 27th of May (maximum 30 participants)

14.00 Rounders (mini-baseball) and a Picnic.

We’ll bring the bats and you bring your friends, bring your children but most
importantly bring food and drink!  If you
don’t … remember we have bats.


(We’ll bring food and drink too, don’t worry)

Number of participants is limited, so if you apply, but are unable to attend the event, please inform us on time. Thank You.

Meeting at:

Sajmiste 29

11070 New Belgrade

Sign Up here

Email office@englishbook.rs

Call 011 3131 044