Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian (Book 5)


Rick Riordan

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Coming soon to Disney+! Half boy. Half God. ALL Hero.

Normally when you turn sixteen you get a really cool present. But, being sixteen and the son of Poseidon can never be that simple. So instead, I get a prophecy that says the fate of the entire world on my shoulders.

Great. On top of that, Kronos, Lord of the Titans, is attacking New York City and the dreaded monster Typhon is heading our way. So, it’s me and forty of my demi-god friends versus untold evil.

Happy birthday to me! WHAT TO EXPECT FROM PERCY JACKSON:* Monsters* Greek Gods* Laughs (and terrified screams) Rick Riordan has now sold an incredible 60 million copies of his books worldwide. ‘This is the stuff of legends’ – The Guardian

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