Disney: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar

Count down to Christmas with all your Disney and Pixar friends.

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Unwrap 24 books this holiday season and enjoy a magical tale every day from December 1st through December 24th!

  • Top-Selling Title: This is a fan-favorite during the holiday season and a top choice for Disney aficionados. 
  • 24 Days of Stories: A magical countdown to Christmas with 24 individual, 24-page small paperback books.
  • Holiday & Everyday Tales: Dive into a mix of holiday-themed narratives and everyday adventures featuring beloved Disney and Pixar characters.
  • Surprise Every Day: Each story is individually wrapped in its own paper sleeve, keeping the magic of the day’s tale a secret until it’s time to unwrap.
  • Iconic Characters: Stories featuring cherished characters from the vast Disney and Pixar universes.
  • Perfect Gift: An ideal present for children and Disney enthusiasts of all ages, adding a dash of magic to their festive celebrations.

Dive into the world of Disney and Pixar and make every day of December a magical storytelling experience!

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