Words: A Wheel Book

Turn the Wheels, Find the Pictures

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This book features: eight easy-to-turn wheels that make learning words fun; more than 200 everyday terms, including the names of animals, numbers and shades of the rainbow; and, interactive pages that reinforce word recognition – rotate the dial to find the correct picture to go with the simple text label.

It is divided into basic themes such as outdoors and indoors, food, on the farm, wild creatures, useful words, and all about us! It is built to last, with strong board pages that will stand up to repeated use. Specially created to be fun to learn, this novelty die-cut book will encourage babies and toddlers to talk, focus, and learn new words – with a twist!

Can you find the pizza? Is it orange with four legs? No! Turn…turn…Is it blue and goes on your feet? Try again! Twist…twist…Is it yellow and fluffy? Keep going! Spin…spin…There it is – yum, yum! There are eight cardboard wheels built into the book, which revolve to show different pictures and are visible on every page. Where are the little piglets? Are they in a jar? No! Turn…turn…Are they a yellow round thing? Try again! Twist…twist…Are they a plastic thing with a keypad on the front?

Keep going! Spin…spin…There they are – oink! oink! Jan Lewis’ bright drawings of everyday items, friendly people and cute creatures make this a wonderful aid to learning that small children will want to return to again and again.

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