Shards of a Broken Crown – The Serpentwar Saga book 4


Raymond E. Feist

Šifra proizvoda: 9780008120863

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The fourth novel in the bestselling Serpentwar series. The demon is no more . .

. The enemy has been routed, yet peace still eludes the Kingdom. Midkemia lies in smouldering ruins following the Demon King’s siege.

And a new threat is arising from the ashes of war: the fearsome Fadawah, former Commanding General of the Army of the Emerald Queen. He has grasped the fallen reins of command and seeks to forge a personal empire out of the wreckage of the Western Realm. And so it falls to two young men – Jimmy and Dash – grandsons of the late Duke James, to gather the shards of the broken crown and resurrect the Kingdom to its former glory.

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Raymond E. Feist

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