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Ravenheart continues the tale of the Rigante. Packed with epic battles, hard, bloody steel, honour, magic and mystery, this heroic fantasy by the Sunday Times bestselling author David Gemmell is perfect for fans of Joe Abercrombie, John Gwynne and Conn Iggulden.

‘Characterization, always a strength in this writer’s work, is even deeper and subtler. In the realm of people-driven, solidly plotted fantasy fiction, Gemmell set the standard’ Time out
‘Gemmell has every right to take his place among the SF and fantasy greats’ SFX
‘For me one of the best writers of this genre’ ***** Reader review
‘Fabulous storytelling, excellent characters, this is fantasy at its very best’ ***** Reader review


Eight hundred years have passed since King Connavar of the Rigante and his bastard son, Bane, defeated the invading army of Stone.

 has since become a legend, and the Rigante have lost the freedom so many gave their lives to preserve. They live and die under the iron rule of the Varlish, their culture all but destroyed.

One woman still follows the ancient paths once trod by the Rigante, and she alone knows the nature of the evil soon to be unleashed on a doomed and unsuspecting world. She pins her initial hopes on two men: Jaim Grymauch, the giant Rigante fighter, and Kaelin Ring, a youth whose deadly talents will earn him the enmity of all Varlish.

One will become the Ravenheart, an outlaw leader whose daring exploits will inspire the Rigante. The other will forge a legend and light the fires of rebellion.

The Wyrd knows that ultimately all hopes will rest on a third man. Of the bloodline of Connavar the King, he will need to overcome generations of fear and hatred if he is to achieve his destiny.

For he is a Varlish nobleman, and – worse – the son of the Rigante’s greatest enemy . . .

Have you read Sword in the Storm and Midnight Falcon – the first two tales of the Rigante? Their story concludes in Stormrider.

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David Gemmell

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