Four Past Midnight


Stephen King

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The Bram Stoker Prize-winner for Best Fiction Collection – four riveting, dark stories from Stephen King that will ‘grab you and not let go’ (Washington Post), now with a stunning new cover look.

At midnight comes the point of balance. Of danger. The instant of utter stillness when between two beats of the heart, an alternative reality can slip through, like a blade between the ribs, and switch you into a new and terrifying world.

Featuring an introduction and prefaratory notes to each story by the author, this collection contains four heart-stopping accounts of that moment when the familiar world fractures beyond sense, the fragments spinning away from the desperate, clutching reach of sanity . . .

One Past Midnight: ‘The Langoliers’ takes a red-eye flight from LA to Boston into a most unfriendly sky.

Two Past Midnight: ‘Secret Window, Secret Garden’ enters the suddenly strange life of writer, alone on the shore of Tashmore Lake.

Three Past Midnight: ‘The Library Policeman’ is set in Junction City, Iowa, an unlikely place for evil to be hiding . . .

Four Past Midnight: ‘The Sun Dog’ sees a menacing black dog appear in every Polaroid picture that fifteen-year-old Kevin Delevan takes with his new camera, beckoning him to the supernatural.

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