500 Slow recipes

Autor: Catherine Atkinson


Catherine Atkinson

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Discover the rich tastes of slow-cooked food with this collection of 500 recipes, from slow-cooker and clay-pot dishes to one-pot recipes for oven and stove-top cooking. It features wonderfully tasty comfort food that is both simple to prepare and serve, including mouthwatering dishes from all over the world. You can learn how to master classics such as Irish Stew, Lamb and Carrot Casserole, Seafood Chowder, Fish Goulash, Potato Gratin, Beef Hotpot and Rich Chocolate Cake. Slow-cooked recipes are ideal for busy families who prefer easy meals with maximum taste. With many of the recipes in this book, you simply add the ingredients to a casserole, slow cooker or clay pot, and leave the food to cook until you are ready to eat it. The versatility of slow cooking techniques and the ability to create wonderful meals with little effort can be adapted to cuisines from around the world, as shown to great effect in this comprehensive volume. This comprehensive collection caters for all tastes and occasions. Whatever dish you decide to create, this book guarantees appetizing results every time.

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Catherine Atkinson